waiting on the world to change

I am impatient!anyone who knows me well, knows this to be a fact an is laughing right now… God Bless my parents… I have been thinking about abc church for around 6 months now. I have told a few family members and a couple of close friends but have not been able to announce it yet. It just doesn’t feel real. I am a little anxious to get started. I know that there are things that have to happen first and I am doing my best to feel content.I am anxious to make decisions about the jewelry store, anxious to make decisions about where I am going to live, anxious to start working.Doug, Jared and I had a great trip to Savannah last week. It almost didn’t happen. We decided at the last minute to go ahead with it. All Jared wanted to do was pray (he’s the religious one) all Doug wanted to do was… well Doug just listens a lot… and I wanted to do was eat stuffed flounder! The trip was more or less just a day to get away and talk. We were all kinda quiet until on the way home. We talked about ideas on what we thought the church should be about, about what things we would implement. It was great!I love these guys so much. I can’t wait to see what God uses us for… i don’t wanna wait anymore for the world to change… i wanna do my best to change it!


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