a little bit of soap…


Today has been 12 years since my grandmother Virginia passed away. She was a major part of my childhood. She was a great woman that loved her family. I am thankful to have had a Godly woman as an inspiration. She would sit up in the front of the jewelry store in a rocking chair or those old airplane seats and just about every customer that came in would sit down with her for a few minutes (after she sold them jewelry ofcourse). They would talk about whatever they had going on at the time and exchange pleasantries. But she would never let them get out the door until she had told them about the Love of Jesus and what He had done in her life. She made them want what she had! This is one of the reason’s I am going to miss the jewelry store. The memories I have of growing up there, the memories I have of my Grandmother. The only vivid memory I have of her, I mean one that I can actually remember like it was yesterday was after she had her stroke. I was 15 and had just gotten my learner’s permit. and  an adult had to ride with me so that I could drive. It probably wasn’t the best decision giving the keys to the car to an inexperienced driver with a 70 year old woman that could barely walk riding shotgun! But nonetheless we were cruising thru Mableton. We left the jewelry store one afternoon to go pick up lunch in my awesome “champagne colored” 1991 Maxima… yeah I was hot! Anyway, we were driving back on Floyd Road and we were listening to a song called ” A Little Bit Of Soap” it’s one of those great songs from the 50’s by Garnet Mimms. I remember driving with the music blaring and seeing her out of the corner of my eye. She was dancing. and we were singing. She could barely talk because of the stroke, but she was dancing and singing. I will never forget that and I know that it sounds corny… it’s one of those you had to be there moments… but I really wanted to tell you guys a little about where I came from and why I am the man I am today. I hope that she would be proud of what I am doing. To quote the song: a little bit of soap will never wash away my tears…  I’ll never lose the memory of your name… I Miss You!


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