Stairway To Heaven

I was driving around Savannah today taking in all the beautiful sights. It was one of the prettiest days since I moved here, hovering around 80 degrees with the sun shining bright. Not too hot not too cold. I was downtown looking at all the beautiful trees with the spanish moss hanging, all the huge houses on Victory Drive, all the tourists that drive slow and have no idea where they’re going… I rode by a church, one of the old beautiful buildings with columns and a steeple. As I was taking in it’s beauty I noticed a man sleeping on the top step. He looked as if he was homeless. I’m sure that the church didn’t know he was there, so I am not saying that they were just leaving him out there. Although, I’m not sure how they would react if they knew… I was just wondering why he picked that spot to take a nap. Did he even knock on the door? And if he had, what would happen? I know that a big part of Canvas is going to be reaching out to the community. A city full of government housing and a large homeless population. Maybe we can help people find open doors and not hard concrete steps. But that community also includes middle class suburbanites and families that are put off by the church, the people that are searching for something that’s missing in their life, the people that are frustrated by churches that aren’t loving people as they love themselves. The ones that might see a homeless man sleeping under a steeple and not anything else. I want to show them that You might just have to get a little uncomfortable sometimes but God will always open the door when you ask. You just have to ask…


One response to “Stairway To Heaven

  • jolynntroy

    Hey hey hey… don’t diss the tourists. You were one at one time too ya know. And actually, not too long ago… so: 😛

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