Made To Worship (Again)

I wrote this post in January and I feel like it’s what I want to say today… So here you go…


       Churchy, Old Fashioned, Not Relevant, Traditional, Cheesy, Judgmental… All words too flippantly used these days. Churches even say this about each other. I am at a Basic Training Conference at the Georgia Baptist Convention Center in Tifton, GA. Doug, Jared and I were at the Worship Service tonight after dinner. We did the whole routine… we sang some pretty songs, clapped, sang some more pretty songs. Then Pastor Ben asked a few men to get up and share their testimony. He had already told them in advance so I figured it would be the usual… you know what I’m talking about. Someone standing and telling what all they’ve been through and how Jesus had changed their lives. Now… I am not saying there’s anything wrong with that. I am just trying to be honest about being judgmental, yes, even me. That WAS NOT the case. It was a church planter named Michael. He has been sitting at the table behind ours all week. He’s very quiet but every once in a while would ask a question. Honestly, I have been concerned all week at how he was going to communicate with people. I just blew it off and starting concentrating on myself again as usual… When this man got up on that stage and starting speaking I immediately felt the Holy Spirit. He had a very commanding yet very humble presence, I was almost entranced (not in a weird way). He started out by saying that everyone, even non believers have someone that they can identify with in the bible. Someone that when they hear their story, it sparks something. He went on to tell about his health problems and how the doctors told him he didn’t have a chance but how God had protected him. As Christians we have heard stories like this our whole life but the way he presented it was a little different. He said that he could identify with David. How David must have felt the night before he had to face a 10 foot giant. It’s not always about the situation whether it be open heart surgery or a 10 foot giant. It’s about putting on the Armor of God and accepting His will for your life, accepting the fact that you might die. This man had a way of communicating that made me want to join his church. Then I realized that I am a member of HIS church. I am a part of this Kingdom. Just think… the last couple of days I sat right in front of this man practically judging him because I thought he might not be relevant enough to reach people for Christ. wow… I was a little humbled to say the least. I know that there are churches out there that might not be trying. I know there are churches that think the old way is the only way. That may be the wrong attitude. God would probably not put him in front of a lot of artsy SCAD students that can’t identify. He will put him in the right place at the right time with the right audience. All I know is that when that quiet, old fashioned man opened his mouth tonight, it brought me to tears. Modern, Relevant, edgy, too loud, too secular… All words to flippantly used these days. Let’s let God decide what’s relevant according to what He is sending us to do.


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