Take 5

I went to Atlanta last weekend to get the rest of my stuff out of my parent’s basement. It was a quick trip, but Blake helped me and we loaded up the uhaul and I towed the rest of my house down to Savannah.

One of the things that I brought was my hi-fi. for those of you that don’t know me that well, this was a very hard thing to be without. I am obsessed with vinyl (records). Music on cd or other newer formats just doesn’t cut it when you know better. You can listen to music in the car and hear the sound but when you sit down and listen to a record you can feel the music.

You see… a vinyl record has a groove carved into it that mirrors the original sounds waveform. The record player transforms this groove into an analog sound signal which is fed into the amplifier. In this process, NO information can be lost! So… you have the most pure sound imaginable. It might be scratchy and poppy at times but if you listen closely, you can hear things that you cannot hear on a digitized CD, you can pick out all the different instruments and imperfections if there are any. It is completely true.

I am striving to live my life this way. To let God carve his groove in me that I might mirror Him. For my heart to break for what breaks His. Yeah… my sound might be a little clouded at times and make some unneeded annoying pops and crackles but if you listen closely you can hear the groove guiding the way.

That is what I am striving for… the most pure sound imaginable!


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