how high the moon

There is a lot going on in my world this week. 

  • Canvas Church is launching on Sunday! Yeah that’s right… This Sunday
  • We are about to have staff meeting to make sure everything is on order for the first gathering
  • I am leaving for Jacksonville tonight and will be flying to Omaha, Nebraska to photograph a wedding. I will fly back to J’Ville on Saturday and will not be back in the SAV until around 9pm. 
  • Did I mention that Canvas Church is launching on Sunday? OK… Just making sure!
  • I am trying to advertise beacon photo a little more now but it’s so expensive. Anybody got any cheap ideas?

So… with all that said. Pray for me and my friends as we get on a plane tomorrow. Pray for my Pastor. He is the one with which God has given the vision for this church and needs a lot of support right now. I couldn’t imagine the weight he has on his shoulders. Pray for all the core group at Canvas that we will be able to present Christ to people in a way that they have never experienced before.


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