I always tell people that I grew up in a jewelry store full of women…

Women that molded and shaped me to the man I am today.

Women that are important to me. 

So… this mother’s day I want to celebrate these women.

Women in my family.

Women that were daughters once… but are now Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunts & Cousins.

Virginia B. Collins  (grandmother)

Janet Sue Collins Edde (mother)

Mary Helen Margaret McLaughlin Collins (aunt)

Claudia Eileen Collins Remeta (aunt/mother)

Geneva Louise Curl Buckner (aunt/mother)

Marria McWilliams (aunt/mother)

Linnell Brownlee Holeman (aunt)

Darnice Brownlee (aunt)

Kerrie Leigh Remeta Tisone (sister)

Kristie Eileen Remeta Endsley (sister)

Gail Scoggins Collins (aunt)

Cindy Collins Smith (cousin)

Gina Arnett Collins (aunt/mother)

Gini Linnell Collins Burdette (aunt/mother)

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Make sure you let your mom (or ) all your mom’s know what they mean to you.



2 responses to “daughters

  • shelly

    Mary Helen was a great women. Nosy but precious

  • Kristie Remeta

    Hey Mikey – I just wanted to let you know that I love you so very much and you are the best brother any woman could ask for! I would love to arrange for the boys and I to come down and visit your church one weekend! Let me know what you think! Kristie

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