Everything’s Right

yeah… It’s been a while since I blogged. I used to blog at least once a week, sometimes 2 or 3 times but I haven’t really had anything I wanted to say lately. I have a few excuses for that.

1. I have been extremely busy. It’s amazing what God will do if you just sit back and let Him. It’s funny… when I decided to make photography my career, I was trying really hard to MAKE it happen. I was doing everything I could and stressing out about money and if I was going to book weddings. Once I decided to give it up to God and NOT worry about anything, I became so busy with shoots that I had to turn a few away. I love my job. Seriously.  I have learned so much the last few years about being patient, being content and not trying to outdo what God has planned for me. This is not the job that I always dreamed of… it’s better. 🙂

2. When I started this blog it was because I was moving away to be a “church planter”. I wanted to document my journey and share it with my friends and family. I wanted everyone that loved me to know what I was learning and be able to keep up with my life.  Well… that has changed a little as well. I am no longer the Action Director for Canvas Church. WHOA… WAIT a minute… before you jump to conclusions. It’s not a bad thing. I am not mad at anyone nor are they mad at me. I see that I was valuable to the church in the planning stages and the move down. I am not bad at networking and was able to use my skills to help get everything going. I also learned a LOT. A lot about the inner workings of how a church plant is done. A lot about the city of Savannah and the ever growing need for Christ. I learned that I needed to stop being a “church planter” and start taking my own advice and just “be the church”.  But most importantly… I learned a lot about what God wants from me. I have realized that I don’t have everything worked out. I am learning to live day by day and revel in the wonder that is my walk with Christ. I know this all sounds really deep, but it’s pretty simple really. I am Mikey – He is God and He loves me.  Once I realized that… it’s a piece of cake. It just got to the point in my work at Canvas that I could feel God pushing me to do something else. I considered becoming a worship leader at another local church but just didn’t get peace about it. I considered becoming a male prostitute but that didn’t work out for obvious reasons. I have considered and prayed about many things in the last few months. But… right now… I am not considering anything. I am waiting for God to tell me what to do. No plan in place. That was very difficult for me to do. I have always had a plan.

The past few months since I made the decision to step down from my position at Canvas, I have been praying a lot, telling God what I want and then waiting for Him to correct me. And just wandering around Savannah trying to find my place. Wherever it may be. I know for a fact that I am supposed to be in this city. Right smack dab in the middle of it. God used a lot of different opportunities to bring me here and  then used certain situations to keep me here.  I will not waste His guidance by giving up and moving back. All I know is that He has a plan for me and I am PATIENTLY waiting for His instruction.


to wrap up this emotional gut spilling.

-I am still a Christ Follower even though i’m not “on staff” at a church.

-I do not think church planters are bad, just not what’s right for me. I still love Canvas Church (which is doing fantastic out in Pooler). Doug is an amazing man and of God that has followed his call without hesitation. I still talk to him almost daily. The Garvin’s, The Gunter’s and the Tanner’s are my family. Lives are being changed because of what those families are doing.

-I am happy with my life. I live in a city that people go to on vacation. I am getting to travel for the first time in my life without having to worry about a jewelry store.  I love my friends and family. I love my Lord & Savior.

-most importantly… at this moment in my life I can honestly say that His grace is sufficient for me.

Sorry for all the blog silence. I promise it will be more frequent.


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